Audit and Assurance Services

We understand that many companies feel that an audit is just another regulation that they have to comply with. However, at The Fish Partnership, we view an audit as an opportunity for us to create advantage for our clients and to add real value to their businesses.

The fact is that a properly conducted audit allows the integrity of your accounts to be independently verified for the assurance of customers, suppliers, actual or potential investors, banks and other finance providers, and this can greatly enhance your company’s reputation. The truth is that by working with The Fish Partnership, and with the right guidance, the auditing process can be invaluable to your business.

Our audit team are trained to provide you with a professional, personal and proactive service. We will review your financial controls and management systems to help you to identify risks and how best to minimise them, and we will draw on our experience of a variety of different industries to assess your business performance in a wider context.

In addition to statutory audits, we also offer specialist audits for charities and businesses requiring FCA compliance, pension audits and solicitors’ accounts.

Whatever your particular requirement, with The Fish Partnership your audit really can become an invaluable opportunity for the development of your business.

Details about our audit registration can be viewed at, under reference number: C003842812.