Management Accounts

The preparation of regular periodic management accounts, whether monthly or quarterly, can provide timely information that is essential for decision-making processes for businesses.

Many businesses fail when managers miss the warning signs that up-to-date management accounts can reveal. A thorough review of your accounts can direct you towards tangible improvements in performance. Importantly, it should be noted that in addition to their value in helping you to interpret your business performance, the production of regular management accounts is often a condition of bank financing.

At The Fish Partnership, our aim is to provide a personal, friendly and supportive service tailored to the specific individual needs of our clients. We can help you to design bespoke reports providing the relevant required management information. We will then use our skills to interpret the results for maximum impact, in terms of improving your performance and adding value to your business.

We also offer the following services to our clients:

  • Designing reports that provide relevant management information
  • Helping clients to interpret the results
  • Preparing monthly or quarterly management accounts and year-end accounts